Hanger Network Türkiye


Hanger Network Turkiye™’s proprietary Campaign Planners make program planning easy and efficient.

Hanger Network Turkiye™ provides marketers the ability to effectively and efficiently distribute their advertising programs in top markets throughout Istanbul.

Whether your marketing objective is to target consumers by gender or demographically, we are able to implement your programs throughout our network of dry cleaners.


Hanger Network Turkiye™ allows you the ability to target consumers by selected settlements, postal codes or demographical regions of your choice in Istanbul. Our selected regions and drycleaners’ database will accurately provide you with details of our distribution capabilities.


Around-the-Store (Neighborhood Marketing)

Hanger Network Turkiye™ marketing programs enables efficient use of advertising budgets by selectively restricting circulation to potential customers within specific retail geographic areas of where a particular product is being sold.

Retailers spend a lot of money on site selection to be close to the right shoppers and naturally, our clients want to activate, engage and motivate shoppers in the homes around these retail Stores. You get a nice even spread of media distribution, creating media exposure in shopper homes close by to your retail partner.


Custom EcoHanger™s are an innovative and effective retail solution proven to increase sales performance while adding value to every purchase.

Effectively achieve your environmental and sustainability goals while increasing supply chain efficiency.

• Elegant, effective and ecofriendly in-store communication.
• Apparel “lives” on an EcoHanger™ and is merchandised on the sales floor.
• Consumers take branded EcoHanger™s with purchase creating a branding tool that reinforces messaging in the home.
• Promotional and coupon capabilities as well as the loyalty cards drive consumers back to the store or website creating additional sales and value for the retailer/brand.
• EcoHanger™s are durable and can be reused multiple times in store


You can deliver your advertising messages to either male or female audiences or both. Through the selection of hangers according to gender, we will ensure that your marketing programs are distributed to the target market of your choice.