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A sustainable product with sustained presence.

EcoHanger™ is the premium marketing platform that delivers brand communications to a relevant and actionable audience.

They are constructed from 100% recycled paper and with recycled plastic and they are 100% recyclable and reusable! Unlike wire and plastic hangers, EcoHanger™s are made from renewable resources, encouraging recyclers to create new programs.

Both consumers and the dry cleaners who serve them truly appreciate this step-up to an environmentally responsible, remarkably functional and extremely fashionable alternative.

EcoHanger™s are a truly sustainable marketing platform. As more and more consumers embrace brands that help to improve our environment, that’s good for business and good for the earth.



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The business world and society in general is presently experiencing the emergence of an eco friendly culture. Companies build positive images for themselves by engaging in eco friendly initiatives and consumers in turn tend to display more loyalty to their products and services. This trend translates into higher profit margins for businesses who capitalize on this opportunity to help save the environment while satisfying the corporate objectives of their company.

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If you’d like your business to contribute reducing the harmful effects on the planet by conversion to more natural materials and waste reductions in packaging, you can ask fill the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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"Get involved! Ask your local dry cleaner to consider EcoHanger™s"

More and more consumers want green solutions and eagerly support eco-friendly businesses and programs. If you’d like to support the conversion to more natural materials, waste reductions in packaging and reducing your carbon foot prints of the products you can ask your dry cleaner to use 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable EcoHanger™s,