Hanger Network Türkiye


There really is no place like in-home.

Hanger Network Turkiye selected programs deliver your advertising, promotions or samples to thousands of consumers in the region that matters most to your business.

Your advertising message is hand delivered to the consumers through your choice of dry cleaners.

Viewed in an uncluttered environment, your brand is provided with 100% share of voice enabling consumers to engage with your significant message or sample. Unlike other media, EcoHanger™s lives with your consumers for weeks & leave numerous impressions. EcoHanger™s enhance your ability to communicate precisely the message that will deliver the greatest impact.

Hanger Network Turkiye Equity Messaging Program is the unique and effective platform that can build awareness, deliver and promote new product news, launches, highlight product attributes and special upcoming events to satisfy any specific customer acquisition needs.

Present your call-to-action or drive-to-web/social media message right the EcoHanger™ much more efficiently than direct mail or TV advertising.
Hanger Network Turkiye offers an effective platform for delivering coupons, rebates and other manufacturer and retailer incentives.

Promotions and incentive programs is a way of letting your consumers know how much you appreciate their support. Brands looking to increase sales, compensate loyal customers and recover lost clients can rely on our dry cleaner network to reach a high-value demographic in any market or location.
Hanger Network Turkiye offers highly efficient methods of delivering your samples to your target audience. We distribute existing product samples to a high income demographic of dry cleaning users who enjoy using them.

Launching a product sample distribution program with us is more effective and significantly less costly than traditional direct mail or in-store sampling. Your samples are attached to our hangers and are delivered by our network of dry cleaners to their loyal customer base directly.

Call us for detailed information on the complete set of Hanger Network Turkiye tactics and programs.