Hanger Network Türkiye


Capture, engage and motivate a gender-targeted audience of qualified adult consumers

% 53 of consumers who utilize dry cleaning services in Turkey have college or higher education. They are busy and hard to reach consumers employed in professional and managerial careers, who have the discretionary income to enjoy the finer things in life. From the cars they drive, where they choose to live, and the lavish accessories they decide to purchase, they are an attractive group for marketers.


• Adults aged 21-54.
• Professional & managerial careers.
• High annual household income.
• College and university graduate attendees.
• Household type —mainly two parent families


• Active, socially and professionally (managers etc.). Majority employed in white collar positions.
• Women are particularly interested in fashion, beauty, wellness, housing, furnishing and travel.
• Men are highly interested in finances, cars, computers and sports.
• Strive to project a fashionable image and particular about appearances.
• Preference for customized and unique marketing initiatives.
• Early adopters of cutting-edge and specialized products and services.